Who or what inspires you the most?

My friends, for a next post, I need your help! Your opinion counts a lot for me and as I love to share mine with you, I would love to have you sharing it with me as well.

Who or what inspires you the most? and why?

It can be anyone or anything— a parent, a friend, a famous people,an actor/ess, an author,a book or a movie. Choose whatever you want as long as it really inspires and motivates you.

Tell me who or what inspire you to be better, to work harder, to achieve your goals, to have hope… What truly inspires you? If you don’t know or never have asked yourself about it , it’s time to do it.

I think that it’s a really interesting question, Inspiration can be anywhere and it can be different from a person to another. Every one has his own story, his own inspiration. It would be so interesting to learn a little about you, and to learn about the different kind of inspiration.

Please take time to think about it and let me know on the comment section 😃 ! By the way, with your agreement, I will post your answers in a same post (to be determinated).

“Don’t be afraid of your story, it will inspire others.” Unknown

I can’t wait to read you my friends !

Be blessed, happy and safe.

S.O ✨

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