What is an inspirational motivation?

At first sight, it looks like a pretty easy question, right? That’s what I thought before even trying to write this post and guess what it took me a while to find a right answer.

I think that, in order to anwser to this question, we want to define those two important key words first: Inspration and Motivation.

First of all, let’s take a look at the definition fo motivation:                                                                        According to the Oxford dictionary, a motivation is a reason or reasons for acting or bahaving in a particular way. It also says that a motivation is a desire or willingness to do something.

Desire is the word that captives me here. Desires are things that we want while Motivation is the reason why we are going to perform an action. Most of the time we are motivated by our desires. When we want something, we are going to work or do whatever it takes to get it. The harder we will desire it, the harder we’ll be motivate by it.

For instance, if I want a new a car or a ticket to Tokyo ( yes,that’s where I want to go!)that’s my desire and so in order to buy that ticket or new car, I need to save money and that’s my motivation.Desire is the key of motivation. You want to possess a strong desire to get motivated.  As a matter of fact, motivation is a crucial point in setting and achieving goals so figure out what you want—and no matter how big or small is your desire, be determined and commited to it.

“When your DESIRES are strong enough you will appear to possess superhuman powers to ACHIEVE. ” Napoleon Hill

What about Inspiration?

We call inspiration the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Okay… But what is the true meaning of Inspiration? It’s about someone or something that gives you ideas for doing something. When we think about inspiration, we usually think about someone that inspires us of doing something as great as they did. That person can actually be anybody. No matter if you won a Nobel Prize, wrote a book, saved a life or if you are just a good mother,son… We are all meant to do great things and to inspire each other. Here is the point, we don’t have to be extraordinary people to do extraordinary things. We are all ordinary, and the people that inspire you today were just so motivated by their desires that they worked so hard to achieve their goals. Some of them started from the bottom ( not the same bottom as Drake though), they tried and failed and tried again and probably failed again but they never quit. What is inspiring is that they went through difficulties, and no matter how hard it was, they did it. By the way, in order to be inspiring we don’t have to great things only but we can also being inspiring because of who we are. In other words, some people are inpiring because of their traits or qualities ( a good person, a hard-working co-worker, a patient mom…)Anybody can be inspiring, even you!

“INSPIRATION exists but it has to find you working” Pablo Picasso

Motivation and Inspiration:

Sometimes it’s hard to be motived and some days you feel that something is stoping you from achieving your goals. You just don’t feel as passionate as you used to be. This is when Inspiration is the key! Look for inspiration when you have lost motivation  !!  When you feel stuck and have a lack of motivation, don’t worry and be positive. Everybody has once felt less motivated or not motivated at all. Change your environment, open your mind to new ideas, read new books, book a trip and/or get inspired by others actions and speeches. All you need is to reignite the fire in your soul. Inspire yourself to be motivated and happier.

“There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people be inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.” Unknown


2 thoughts on “What is an inspirational motivation?”

  1. Very well said. I have never thought of motivation and inspiration compared like that but I think it is very true. And really, this is exactly what I needed to read for this new year and new season of my own life. So thank you for the encouragement! And yes, I am definitely inspired now to be motivated (and happier)! 🙂

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